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  • Polycom SoundStation 2 no LCD - СПЕЦПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЕ

    Polycom SoundStation 2 no LCD - СПЕЦПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЕ

    Настольная групповая система аудиоконференцсвязи со встроенными микрофонами, громкоговорителем, клавиатурой набора номера. Без возможности расширения. 2200-15100-122. Спецпредложение.

    Цена: 10 000руб.

  • ClearOne Collaborate VCB-12 - СПЕЦПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЕ

    ClearOne Collaborate VCB-12 - СПЕЦПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЕ

    Сервер многоточечной HD/SD конференции, включает шасси сервера VCB и лицензии ...

    Цена: 990 000руб.

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Sony SRP-X100

Sony SRP-X100 - Микшеры

Цена: 60 000руб.

The Sony SRP-X100 Audio Mixer is designed for use in business and educational applications. A total of nine high quality input channels are provided, with flexible routing to the many and varied outputs. Contained in a compact, space saving 1U size body, the elegantly simple design of the SRP-X100 makes operation intuitive. Sony analogue audio technology provides excellent performance with extremely high quality audio signals and professional sound reproduction. The new Sony SRP-X100 enables you to achieve the highest of standards for the minimum cost and fuss, and you don't need to be an audio engineer to use it.

  • Compact Size

    The SRP-X100 comes housed in a 1u box, enabling it to be used in environment where space is at a premium and quality cannot be spared.

  • Flexible interfacing

    The varied inputs and outputs on the back of the SRP-X100 provide flexibility and connectivity with existing equipment for easy integration and compatibility.

  • On-board Phantom power

    The SRP-X100 can provide (if necessary) +48v external power supply for condenser microphones - removing the problem of sourcing power for them.

  • High audio quality

    Through using very high standard analogue componentry Sony have achieved very highly levels of audio quality and low noise. Providing clarity and perfect reproduction of source material.

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